Saturday, June 28, 2008


David, the little boy I posted about last month, had to have more surgery early last week to remove more nodules of tumor. After only five weeks the ependymoma had begun to re-grow. I heard from his father, Jesse, yesterday, and David will begin his radiation on Monday, July 7. He has to have six weeks of radiation, five days a week. The whole family will be traveling down to Jacksonville, FL, for this treatment. They are experiencing a total disruption of normal life, and all of the terrible emotions that go along with having a child with cancer. Please pray for them as they go through this incredibly difficult time.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Traveling Mercies...

Last week my son asked me what the phrase "traveling mercies" means. He heard someone use it in a prayer. I explained that we sometimes ask God to extend special grace and mercy over somebody as they take a trip, keeping them safe and making the trip go smoothly. Today we experienced such mercies. My mother-in-law and I, along with my three children, drove from Savannah, GA to Chambersburg, PA in about twelve hours, with absolutely no problems at all. We thank God for His "traveling mercies."

Tomorrow we are driving another six or so hours to Seneca Lake, about which I have written before. Then after a week there we'll go on up to see my parents...YAY!!!

Meanwhile, back at home in GA, Eric is throwing himself into the task of pastoring at Chevis Oaks Baptist Church, our new church home. We love the people there and are really excited about serving alongside them and ministering to them. I know Eric will be lonely for us, but he's got plenty of people looking out for him!