Friday, June 30, 2006


Yesterday we drove 350 miles to our in-laws to stay for a few weeks. My husband drove the truck with my oldest child in with him, my mother-in-law drove her car with our two younger children, and I drove our van all by myself. It was kind-of nice to have some time alone (about 7 hours) to think, pray, sing praises, and meditate on God's Word. Although I tend to miss my kids when I'm not around them, it was good to have some alone time, too. I ruminated on the fact that God has provided more than abundantly for our family in every way possible. We have been blessed with incredible families and church family, good health, safety, and financial provision. As we are about to set off on the adventure of a lifetime, I ponder what my response to the Lord should be. Is it enough for me to just say "OK, Lord, I'm yours, do with me what you will..." or do I need to be setting some goals for spiritual growth? Yesterday as I drove several areas came to mind in which I think the Holy Spirit is working on me. It's humbling to see how undeserving and in need of growth I still am. I'm setting myself some goals in the areas of parenting, wife-ing (I know it's not a word, but what else could I use?) and servant/lifestyle evangelism.

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