Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Anybody out there?

I was nagged about posting on my blog, and now that I have I expect some sort of response. Half the fun of writing is to see what other people think of it. Feel free to praise, criticize, or just be indifferent, but PLEASE let me know you are there.


Alan Knox said...

I'm there.

- Alan

Ciao Babe said...

What's up? ;-)

Alice C. said...

Renata had another comment that I told this computer to publish, and something must have gone wrong. Anyway, she was remarking on how nice it is to take the Lord's Supper together with church family.
I love you guys!

Ciao Babe said...

What's up?
That comment was in response to the God's Blessings post. It's there :-)