Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Son's Cancer is Gone!!!

Today we found out that Bobby's cancer is gone. Praise the Lord! I cannot describe the feeling of relief that swept over me when I heard Dr. Frankel say that the PET scan showed no signs of cancer at all. We are so grateful to God for His healing of Bobby, and thankful to the doctors and nurses and technicians who treated him so carefully. Now we enter the "follow-up" stage, where we kind of wait-and-see if the cancer relapses. We trust the Lord completely, however, so whatever happens we will give Him the glory.


Alan Knox said...


We are all very excited to hear this news and we praise God with you!


Anonymous said...

Praise God!!!Praise God!!!Praise God!!!Praise God!!!



chandra said...

I know I talked to you earlier today but I will say it again anyway....YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!! Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!! This news really just made my day today and I can only just imagine how ya'll felt. Talk to ya soon, love ya!
P.S. I called Mrs. Julie and she said GO GO long as we go! Grace it is!

Sheila Jerome said...

We are so excited. I know that you , Eric and the kids are rejoicing. I know it has been a long 3 months, but we have all seen the hand of God in this whole thing. I will continue to pray that Bobby will remain cancer free. God has used little Bobby to touch so many people's lives. We love yall and pray that God's will might be to have you guys stick around here. (Well, I know that is probably a little selfish of me, but I love you guys).
Love ya, Sheila Jerome

paintballboya4 said...

Thats unbelievable how god has healed Bobby!!!!!! Im so glad that he does't have to go through anymore sufering and pain. Praise the lord!!!!!!!!!!!

Alice C. said...

Alan, Kersten, Chandra, Sheila, Aaron: Thanks for praising our great and mighty God with us. We are so grateful to Him for His mercy. He has healed Bobby, and we continue to praise Him and trust Him for every thing in our lives.

Isabel said...

If I hadn't been an a hiatus recently I would have said much sooner:


I can't even think of what to say, I am so moved and happy for you all.