Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Counting Just a Few...

When I stop to count my blessings, I realize that there are too many to include in one blog post, so I'll just list a "few" today:

1. My salvation, and God's Word
2. My godly husband
3. My three children
4. Bobby is cancer-free
5. I was raised in a Christian home with godly parents
6. I have wonderful, godly parents-in-law
7. Except for Bobby's cancer, we have all been very healthy lately
8. We were privileged to live overseas for almost five months.
9. Wonderful family members and friends (if I started listing them it would go on and on)
10. Free minutes to my my-Faves numbers means I can call my sisters any time
11. Ditto for calling my parents
12. Electricity that is on 24-7
13. Wal*Mart (I know--it also falls under the "curse" category)
14. Quiet nights in Pooler, GA
15. Enough food every day
16. Heated house
17. Clean water straight out of the tap
18. Nice church to attend, with great people
19. Free housing for the last 10 months
20. A nice van (thanks M & D)
21. Music
22. Good books to read
23. Beauty in nature
24. A washing machine and dryer
25. All kitchen appliances
26. Blow dryer
27. Hair straightener
28. Easy communication through e-mail and Skype
29. Comfy bed to sleep in at night

I could go on and on, getting more specific. Like, in the food category: strawberries, chocolate, broccoli (yes, that's not a joke--I love broccoli, and in India we only had it twice in four and 1/2 months,) apples, ice cream, etc. etc.
Or, in the music category: playing the piano, listening to music, singing in the choir, hearing others sing...etc.

See, it's fun to count your blessings! And it makes me see that God has indeed blessed my life, even during times of extreme duress. More about that later.


Eric said...

I'm #2 - AWESOME!

I'm glad I beat out Wal*Mart and the blow dryer.

Love, Eric

Aunt Betsy said...

Love your blog. I should make a list of things I am thankful for, lots of them would look like yours!
Blessings are there, just have to realize that they are there!
Love, Auntie B

Shannon said...

We bought a deep freezer and several heads of broccoli so we can have it after the season is over - yay! I like broccoli too :)

Alice C. said...

Aunt Betsy--love you, too! And you have been one of my blessings, too, you know!

Shannon: That's great! I have been thinking of you guys over there with very little broccoli... :(