Thursday, October 16, 2008

ENT Visit....Nasal Rinsing

So, I went to the ENT, Dr. Rashleigh, yesterday afternoon. The good news is I don't have a deviated septum or any other physical abnormalities that could cause my sinus issues. The bad news is that I apparently have, as he put it, "severe allergies." So I'm now on the generics of Allegra and Flonase, and am doing nasal rinses--a procedure that feels as though you are trying to drown yourself. Weird, but it seems to work. You just have to get over your natural tendency to NOT want water to get up your nose. Once you tackle that psychological hurdle, it's pretty easy to do and cleans out your nasal passages with a salt-and-baking-soda type rinse. I grew up with a former-nurse-mom (or is that once-a-nurse-always-a-nurse-mom?) who always made us do salt-water gargles for a sore throat, and this seems to work on the same principle. The ENT wants me to do all of this stuff for a month, then stop it all abruptly in order to see if these are seasonal allergies (to some sort of pollen) or general-year-round allergies to dust mites, mold, etc. To find out definitively I will probably have to go to an allergist and get tested--to see what things I should avoid or change in my environment. last thing...THANK GOD for generic prescriptions!


Mark'sMeg said...

Mark has a deviated septum (from being jabbed too many times playing ball :) so we definitely feel your pain with allergies! We did allergy shots for a while, and though they were a pain to remember to do, they really seemed to help a lot. Hope you feel better soon!
Meagan DeLong

Anonymous said...

I am happy you do not have to have surgery. Since you didn't mention tubes or a tonsilectomy, is it fair to assume you will not need those procedures?

I am sorry you have allergies. Will anything change if it turns out to be a mold or dust issue?

I will be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

I feel for you, Alice. I have gone through this with many sinus infections. Finally the Allegra and Flonase have worked for me!And ALWAYS using those Ear Planes in my ears when flying, landing and taking off! Used to get an infection every time I flew somewhere.
Have not had to do the nasal rinses but have seen others doing it on TV. Good Luck, they say it really helps!
Love, Aunt B

Kat said...

I'm glad to hear that Bobby's doing well. My computer died this summer, and I lost all of my "favorites"...your blog address was one of them.
About that nasal rinse--I did have nasal surgery last winter and had to do the "snout slosh". Sounded awful, but really did help. I've done it since for my allergies, and it does seem to work.