Monday, April 01, 2013

Monday, Monday...

We are all back to work today after a nice relaxing weekend and a bit of a break all last week for Mary, Bobby, and me. Eric is at JCB working, Caroline is at the Chatham County Courthouse working, and Mary and Bobby and I are working at home. It's a dark-cloud-and-thunderstorms kind of day here, so here is a picture to cheer me up:

On the bright side of things, we're entering the home-stretch of our school year, with about seven or eight weeks left, depending on how motivated the kids are to finish up their various subjects. As they finish up one subject they can begin doubling up on others, which hastens the end of the school year. Did that make sense? For example, Mary has worked hard on her American Literature this year, and only has about two weeks more of work. Once she's done with that she can do twice as much of her American History every day, thus finishing it much sooner. We should be completely done with school by the middle of May, or at the end of May at the very latest. Bobby has already completed his history for the year, so he has more time to work on his other subjects, too.

I'm looking forward to summer break.

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