Tuesday, May 07, 2013

She adopted us....

This is Tia.  She was our next-door-neighbors' cat, along with three others.  When they moved two months ago, they left all four cats. Another neighbor a few houses down took in all four. A few weeks ago this one, Tia, showed up at our house meowing to get in, begging to be fed. We ignored her for a week or so, shooing her away from the door and saying things like "You don't live here!"  and "We aren't your people!"  She would just look up at us sweetly and meow. She really is the sweetest kitty.

Finally, I took her back to her new owners' house and talked to the lady, Tranna. She told me that the other three cats there, including Tia's sister Kia, had ganged up on her in a fight, so Tia didn't like living there any more. That explains why, as I got about one house away from Tranna's, Tia started squirming, growling, and generally expressing her displeasure. I left her there anyway, figuring that it wasn't my problem.

Guess who showed up back at our house the next day? She apparently decided that we are, indeed, "her people." She won't go away. We have started feeding her. Now I have to go talk to Tranna again to find out her veterinary information and let her know we'll take over ownership.

We know Tia really loves us because she has brought us two dead lizards now as offerings. Um, yeah.


toofarnorth said...

This kitty really knew which house to meow at. Sometimes our pets adopt us because they know there is love in that house!

Carrie EOTK said...

How could anyone leave their pets behind!?
I'm so happy you're letting Tia love you!