Thursday, July 27, 2006

Update from Northern NY

So here we are at my parents house in East Pitcairn, NY. We have been relaxing and just enjoying being with my Mom and Dad. We also painted their house last week. Actually, my husband did most of the work. I did just enough to feel like I had helped out.

I have been unable to blog much from up here because for some reason every time I try to go on my blog (except this time and one other previously) the Blogger site tells me that my dad's computers cookies and Javascript are not enabled. But wait--they are enabled! I did nothing different this time except breathe a quick prayer--"Lord, please let me get on and update my blog..."

We are getting more and more excited about moving overseas and going for the training required of us. We really need people's prayers as we prepare spiritually for the days ahead.

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