Thursday, April 12, 2007

How Am I Really Doing?

I've had several people ask me lately, "How are you doing?" When I say, "OK" or "Pretty well considering the circumstances" I often get a knowing look, and then the person says, "No, how are you REALLY doing?"

All right, people, stop it already! I am not the kind of person who lies and says I am fine if I'm really not. The truth is I really am doing okay, better than I thought I would be during all of this. This can only be attributed to the Lord. He has given me peace and strength and endurance beyond anything I've ever imagined.

Sure, I have my down moments. I feel tired and stressed. I often wonder about our future, about Bobby's future. I get teary-eyed over simple things. All of this is normal. But the fact is that most of the time I am feeling the presence of the Lord very closely--and how else could I be going through this? I am doing okay as long as I daily, and often many times a day, consciously lay my burdens at the Lord's feet and let Him carry them for me. It's on days when I try to shoulder the burden on my own that I start to falter. The Lord is really teaching me my need to trust Him and give Him utter control of my life. And I praise Him for it!


Eric said...


I'm glad that you are fine. I'm fine, too. I think I mean that.

You are a great example to me of how to keep God first - by trusting in Him. And I really do mean that!

Tichenor Times said...

Amen Sister,

It's amazing how much peace the Lord gives you when you lean on Him for EVERYTHING,knowing not only does he care about the BIG things but, every detail no matter how small. I pray the Lord will continue to comfort you and give you His wisdom in all things. Much love to you. Diana

chandra said...

Alice, I know I have told you before that your strength and faith are really a blessing to me. You are truly an inspiration to me and a great example. It seems lately every time I turn the radio on I hear the song "I want a faith like that" and I always think of you. I really do long for a faith as strong as your's is and I am working towards that. I really do believe you when you say you are fine, simply because I can "SEE" that you really are. However, in those moments when you might feel not so strong, know that I am always here...anytime, anyway, anyhow, no matter if it is a shoulder you need to cry on or just a simple distraction for a little while....I am here! I love you my friend.

Renata said...

Ciao babe!

Thanks for letting us know how you are really doing. It also is a reminder to all of us to fix our thoughts on Jesus, not on our circumstances.

Love you.