Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Our Hairs are Numbered

So, I haven't posted in almost three months, and several of my relatives--my Dad and Mom, brother Peter, and sister Mary--have all nicely nagged me to get back to writing. I sure haven't stopped thinking....I guess my problem is that I'm always thinking that I need to have something earth-shattering to write about before I can post, or that my posts must be finely-crafted, witty, worthy-of-publication pieces. Well, enough of that. I'm going to start writing several times a week, even if it's utter nonsense.

Lately I've been thinking about Luke 12:7 "Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered."

Our family read the verse last week during family devotions, in its context of Luke chapter 12. But that verse just keeps playing over and over in my head. It has taken on a whole new meaning for me. I've always thought of it this way: God knows us each intimately in every way, even our bodies. But I never really thought of its literal meaning--He actual knows EACH OF OUR HAIRS. This year that means much more to me. I watched my son lose all his hair in April and May, then remain bald for three months. He was devastated, and refused to let most people see him without a hat on his head. His hair re-grew during July and August, first coming back in dark brown and very fine, like baby hair. Today it is back to his normal thick, wavy, beautiful coppery-red. Just the thought that God knows each of Bobby's hairs, and has caused them all to re-grow, is a beautiful thing. It shows us just how detailed our Creator is. It also tells me that God knows every cell of Bobby's body, and is in control of his recovery from cancer. What an amazing God!


tmagskjohns said...

YAY!! You're back!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I was blessed reading them. I love you!!


Alice C. said...

Thanks, Mary! I love you, too. I think I need to start writing more frequently--I noticed that yesterday I felt better than I had in a while, and I think it's because I took some time to write.

Alan Knox said...

Welcome back, Alice!

If God knows the hairs on my head, then he knows less now than he knew a few years ago. Then again, perhaps he still knows those hairs, even though I don't.


Alice C. said...

Thanks, Alan. Maybe God just knows your non-productive hair follicles now. I'm pretty sure the hairs themselves just cease to exist...nihilistic, I know, but true nevertheless.

ciao babe said...

What's up?

I have really wanted to call you lately, but I'm not usually near my computer at a reasonable hour of the day. I will try soon.

SelahV said...

Alice...such a beautiful reminder of God's grace over all of our being. praying for a total and complete healing. selahV

Alice C. said...

Renata: I miss you, too, and would love to talk. We've been praying for Stan's dad.

Selah: Thank you for your kind words of enouragement. And thanks for having been praying all along for months now.