Monday, March 03, 2008

Sisters in more ways than one...

Two of my sisters commented on my blog yesterday, and I love them both dearly. One is my sister Mary, who lives in Indianapolis. She's my sister in three ways: she is my blood-sister, (older, by the way) born to the same father and mother as I; she is my heart-sister, one of my dearest friends in the world, and she is my sister in Christ. The other is my sister Shannon, who lives in India. She is my sister in only two ways, because we were born of different parents. So she qualifies in the heart-sister way (younger, I might add,) and as a sister-in-Christ. Even though we were only neighbors for a few months, I still miss her and think of her as my younger sister.

This all got me thinking about how blessed I am with true sisters. Not to leave my other blood-sister out, Ruth qualifies in three ways, also, and we IM'd last night for a while, and e-mailed today. And besides these three so far, God has given me many women with whom I truly have unity of spirit, in such a way that we feel like sisters. Isn't God great and amazing? When I have been separated from my "real" sisters by many miles, He has always provided others for me: older sisters to give me advice and words of wisdom, same-age sisters to share related experiences with (like reminiscing about all our terrible hairstyles in the '80s,) and younger sisters that I can encourage and, I hope, help grow. I am always thankful to God for that bond that He gives us with other believers, and especially with other women. Now that I stop to think about this, in Christ, even my mother and daughters are actually my sisters! Strange, huh?

I won't even start listing all my other sisters here, for fear I may leave someone out and hurt someone's feelings. Or perhaps I would list someone and they would think, "Weird...I never thought of her that way." But my sisters know who they are, and I thank God for all of them.

Have you thanked God for your sisters lately?

P.S. I just re-read this and realized I neglected to mention my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, who both qualify under two definitions, also. I am just so blessed!


chandra said...

Great post "SISTER"! I thank God for providing me with a "heart sister" in you. I am also so thankful that my own blood-sister and I have finally built a relationship that only blood-sisters can know. It took a long time but God has definatly blessed us. Again, thanks for the reminder to be thankful for those we have here and not take anyone granted....not even for a minute. I know all too well, that minute could be gone in an instant. Love ya, sister!

Alice C. said...

Chandra: Your relationship with Renee is certainly proof that God is faithful. As we pray, He works in us and in others to bring us into right relationship not only with Him but with each other. Like you said, sometimes it takes a while, though. And as for your Mom, our sister-in-Christ, we know that we get to spend eternity with her, too. WOW!!!

Love you, sister. Alice

chandra said...

Isn't wonderful to have that amazing comfort knowing we will see loved ones!!! I know without a doubt that is what has gotten me through it, just knowing, the separation is only temporary and we will have eternity together!!! You are totally right! WOW!!

Ruth said...

It really does provide a new perspective to consider your daughters as "little sisters." And it puts a smile on the faces of the kids at church when they realize that they have a lot of big sisters and brothers!
Love, your older sister, Ruth

tmagskjohns said...

Thanks, Alice. I am so blessed to have you and Ruthie as my "blood sisters". I love you!!


Shannon said...

What a blessing it is to be your sister :) 'Nuf said.