Thursday, July 03, 2008

Some scenes from our trip so far....

We've been at the lake for almost a week now, enjoying the water and the beautiful relaxing scenery. The kids have gone tubing, we've had campfires and s'mores, and we went to see the movie "Wall-E." It's been fun so far--and here are some of the pictures we've taken:

On Tuesday we traveled to the Corning Museum of Glass to see the collections there and play in the Innovations exhibit:

These glass fruit are much bigger than they appear--the pear in the middle is about three feet tall:

This was the first reflector cast for the Palomar Observatory. It cracked, and they had to make a new one:
You can take your own picture upside down with the magic of mirrors!
The kids inside the large, black, glass egg at the museum:
Beautiful sky over the lake:


Eric said...


The photos are great. I wish I was there with you all. I'm glad that despite some difficulties it looks like you are having a nice time. "The Lake" really is special.

I miss you and can't wait to see you all in about a week!

chandra said...

I am glad you are having a nice time. It looks so peaceful and relaxing at the lake. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.
Love ya!

Alice C. said...

Eric: I wish you were here, too.

Chandra: It really is relaxing here. I'll see you when we get home.

Stephanie Deal said...

great pictures. The last two are absolutly gorgeous! The next to last one looks very similar to the one thats on my blog from Kotzebue,'ll have to check it out. enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Stephanie Deal