Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ten Months of Slavery Followed by Two Months of Jubilee

That's how Bobby described school Monday morning when it was time to start. He sure has a way with words. His statement also shows how little he really knows about slavery and its horrors. Home schooling is like a party compared to what his life could be like! Yesterday actually went quite well despite his prophecies of doom. Caroline began 10th grade, Mary started 6th, and Bobby was propelled unwillingly into the 4th. By this morning he had decided to get with the program, and was up early doing schoolwork along with Mary. We're (meaning I'm) excited to be back on a more regular schedule, and to be learning new things. I took a few pictures yesterday to commemorate the start of the school year.
Caroline looking totally bored as a teenager doing her Algebra 2 (this was a posed picture):
With Mary you always know how she really feels:
With Bobby we never have a doubt, either:
But I did get them to pose for a nice "First Day" shot:


Anonymous said...

Wow! Looking at that first picture, I had a major flashback! Caroline looks a lot like you under normal circumsatnces, but from that angle, I thought I was seeing a picture of you from 25 years ago. You have a beautiful bunch of kids.
John-Carlos says his two favorite school days are the first day and the last day.

God bless you all, as you begin a new school year.


Alice C. said...

Denise: I thought the same thing about that picture when I took it. She has a lot of my mannerisms, too. Scary.

Love you--Alice

Tamara Thompson said...

Looks like fun! I sure miss you guys..we really have to try to get together! We aren't officially starting until after Labor Day, but the kids have gotten a lot done already. Maybe that will be my technique this year-never "officially" start, but finish early!
Haha just kidding!
I pray that your family has a blessed year of homeschooling.

Love ya!!!

Renata said...

Ciao babe, what's up?
We start on Tuesday. Hopefully I won't feel like a taskmaster ;-)

chandra said...

I hope ya'll have a great year!! I agree, it is nice to have a semi regular schedule back!
Love ya.

Alice C. said...

Tamara: Now don't go all "un-school" on me! Just kidding. We miss y'all too and are praying for you.

Renata: You know you can always call me for support and back-up.

Chandra: How is Aaron liking the Algebra?

chandra said...

He is really liking it a lot!! Thanks again. Morgan and I are also liking the Horizons Math too.

Renata said...

Ciao Babe, what's up?
I thought you'd get a good laugh at this (if you haven't already)
(I'm too lazy to look up your email, ha ha)