Friday, August 22, 2008

Which is Which?

A challenge for those of you who know my daughters well (actually, even if you just barely know them you can probably guess)AND have some knowledge of Jane Austen novels.

They have both taken the "Which Jane Austen Heroine Are You?" Quiz (see sidebar to take it yourself.) One of them came out as Elinor Dashwood, and the other as Marianne.

Which is which?


Safe Thus Far said...

A firstborn would be an Elinor, I predict.

from Susan, a firstborn

Anonymous said...

Well, I do not know your daughters. So, let's see what kind of logic I can use:
Since your older sister, Mary, seemed more like Elinor, maybe your Mary is also. BUT... she is a middle child, and they, stereotypically, tend to have over intense feelings about their position in the family, so she may be more like Marianne. PLUS... she likes to read, however, so does Caroline, although I have seen Caroline's reading list and her choices do not seem to include Shakespeare's sonnets BUT... Caroline is the eldest and they, typically, are little less romantic in their sensibilities. HOWEVER... Caroline is a teenager and therefore prone to teenage angst and could be more of a Marianne, right now. ALTHOUGH... Caroline's gingerbread house was more symmetrical while Mary's added accents with more variety in structure. SO... what this all says is that I have no idea. I just love Jane Austen's characters. Therefore, my guess is....(drumroll)
Caroline is Elinor
Mary is Marianne

PS. I came out Elizabeth, but I bet if I had taken it in high school I would have been Marianne.

tmagskjohns said...

My guess is that Mary is Elinor and Caroline is Marianne. I took the test and it came up Elinor.

Shannon said...

Mary is Elinor Dashwood and Caroline is Marianne Dashwood - And that IS my final answer! Even Lee agrees!
I'm Marianne Dashwood, too, Caroline. :)

Alice C. said...

Okay--so, two of you are right and two of you are wrong! Anyone else want to weigh in? Renata? Where are you?

Also--when I was in high school I definitely would have scored as Marianne, but now I come out as Elizabeth Bennett. And Eric, of course, came out as Mr. Darcy on the guy's test. How romantic is that?