Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On Preparing for Another Homeschool Year

I'm spending time this week cleaning out school shelves, organizing curriculum materials, and preparing for the upcoming school year. As I look at all that needs to be done, it's overwhelming. This is my next-to-least favorite part of homeschooling. Therefore, I have to remind myself of these things:

God is with me, His Holy Spirit indwells me, and He will give me the strength to get it all done.

I have done this for seven years already, even while we lived in India and during Bobby's chemotherapy.

My kids are doing well academically, and enjoy learning.

No, they aren't lacking in socialization.

It is worth all the effort.

Now that I have my shelves all organized, it's time to get started on lesson planning.

Oh, and my least favorite thing about home schooling? The paperwork we have to do for Chatham County Public Schools. We used to joke that they probably just stick it in a file box under somebody's desk....and then we went to get Caroline's attendance/student status certified (in order for her to get a learner's permit for driving.) We found the right office, and told a nice man at a desk what we needed. From where do you think he pulled our file? A plastic file box that was by the man's feet under his desk. I AM NOT KIDDING.

Now back to work......


KeeperatHome said...

Is it already THAT time of year again?! We are still waiting for most of our earthly goods to arrive... and this includes most of our curriculum.:-) In Christ, Talya

Alice C. said...

It's that time for us, at least. We're going to start up with formal lessons again in about three weeks.

How are you getting along without your stuff? do you need to borrow anything to tide you over?

Ciao Babe said...

As this is my first summer "off" I am actually thinking I want to start early. Not all at once, though :-) Of course at my kids' ages it doesn't consume that much time.
And it is SO funny about the box! See you homeschooling moms know it all ;-)

Eric said...

I'm not so sure about the socialization thing. I mean, our kids aren't up to date with all the Hollywood gossip, haven't been exposed to illicit sex talk at young ages, don't know the slang terms for most illegal drugs, and don't even own the latest technological gadgets. They haven't even seen the Twilight or Harry Potter movies! I sure hope they can function properly in society.

tmagskjohns said...

Argh! This is my least favorite part of homeschooling, and thus the reason I put it off and put it off...You've inspired me now, so I think I'll get going on it this week. We're going to start Aug. 10 and bring some of it with us to Mom and Dad's. Also, that is so funny about the file under the desk! Thank God we don't have to do all that paperwork here in Indiana.