Friday, October 14, 2016

Life Changes Over the Last 1.5 Years

Last time I wrote on this blog was in January of 2015. Since then:

We completed our thirteenth year of homeschooling.
Mary graduated from high school.
Our daughter Caroline got married to Shane Farrar. (June 2015)
We completed our fourteenth and final year of homeschooling.
Caroline and Shane had a beautiful baby girl, Lisa Anne. (June 2016)
I lost about 30 more pounds.
Eric lost about 60 pounds.
I started running again.
I began teaching for a Christian college called Point University.
And many, many other life changes...

I don't know if anybody will even read this blog, but I'm going to start writing on it again, on a regular basis.

My biggest life changes in the last year or so have been becoming a grandma and being done with homeschooling. Our youngest, Bobby, is still a Senior in high school, but he is dual-enrolled in college for this year, so I no longer teach him any subjects at home. I have transitioned into working several part-time jobs that all add up to about 50 hours a week:  teaching Spanish for Point University, keeping baby Lisa from 8:00-ish to 2:30 two days a week, teaching 14 piano and voice students out of my home, tutoring a few kids, teaching Chemistry at the homeschool co-op, and working a weekend or two a month for a catering company.

Being a grandma is pretty much the best thing, ever. It's so much fun playing with the baby and caring for her. She's a sweetheart! It's also nice to see what wonderful parents Caroline and Shane are. They are doing a wonderful job with the baby. It makes me proud.

Okay, so onward and upward....I have a few posts to write. I'll be staying away from politics, but otherwise I'll be giving my thoughts on a lot of different topics.

Let's see how this goes....

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