Monday, October 17, 2016

Thoughts on a Sprained Ankle

Two weeks ago I sprained my left ankle while running a 5K race, a little over a mile into the 3.1-mile distance. Large rock in the trail = Ouch. Note to self: when you sprain an ankle during a race, you don't have to finish the race. I stupidly walked and ran the remaining 2 miles.

So, thoughts:

--RICE really does work. Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Air casts and crutches are great, too. My bruising is almost gone and I have good range of motion. I should be back to walking for exercise in another week, and running a few weeks after that.

--The bruising on an ankle can be quite terrifying and spectacular.

--Using the little drivable scooter shopping carts in Walmart so that you don't have to walk is a fascinating experience. I've done it three times now. The first time I went, there were no scooters available in the entrance to the store, and when I saw a lady leaving one out in the parking lot, and began limping toward it, a VERY LARGE woman sprinted past me, jumped on it, and smugly started driving it toward the store. Call me crazy but if you can run to beat somebody to the scooter, you shouldn't be on the scooter. When you are driving a scooter, the majority of the other shoppers act like they simply could not care less that you are currently disabled or in pain and need some sympathy and for them to GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!  This past Saturday I went, and since it was my third time on a scooter I must say my scooter-driving-skills are impressive. I don't bump anybody, or hit their carts, or sideswipe them, but I was sure tempted to do some of that when person after person would just stand right in the middle of the aisle talking to their friend or family member, completely ignoring me on the scooter. They should really put a horn on those things. Or increase their top speed to multiply the ramming potential.

--Being in pain all the time, even if it's mild and not excruciating pain, is tiring. For the past two weeks I have found myself feeling exhausted at the end of each day, and I think it's from the constant mild pain in my ankle and having to compensate with my right leg, as well as from using the crutches. It might also be because I have not been able to go running, and running (contrary to what many people believe) energizes and refreshes the body.

--Final thought: I'm going to take good care of my ankles from now on. It turns out they are an important joint for pretty much all of everyday life. Who knew.

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