Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Was Shocked to Discover....

...that more than 3 people actually read my blog!  Oh, the pressure to perform..... : )  Just kidding.

So....I went this morning to my doctor's office and picked up this thing.  I will wear it tonight while I sleep, then take it back to the doc's in the morning.  It will tell us if I have sleep apnea or not.  Then, if I do, we'll figure out how to treat it.  My doctor says that having my tonsils/adenoids out is one possible treatment option.  OW!!!

The kids are busy doing schoolwork.  Caroline is still all stuffy and not feeling good.  I still think it's allergies.  Our tree pollen has already started, and mold is really high in this area from all of the rain.  It's beautiful and sunny here today, although only about 40 degrees and feels like 30.  I can't complain, since we aren't getting pounded with snow.

Last night our Women on Mission (still called the WMU at our church) group had a good meeting.  I'm always encouraged to see ladies come out to discuss outreach, and last night we talked about local, national, and international opportunities.  It was great.

We have this week off from our home school co-op, which is a much-needed break.  Of course, I'm still doing work on my classes this week, but it means we have Friday off from co-op.  Sort of.....I'm inviting my British Lit. students over to watch the movie of Pride and Prejudice.  It ought to be fun.

Maybe more later from my perch at the dining room table.

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Ciao Babe said...

What's up?
Miss you so I'm glad you're back to blogging a bit here and there.