Saturday, February 13, 2010

It Snowed!

We got about half an inch of the white stuff last night, but by this morning it had all melted off.  We all ran outside and acted like kids.....It was great fun.  Caroline heard our little three-year-old neighbor exclaiming "Daddy, it's snowing!"  She had never seen snow before.  Our poor sago palm and azalea bushes didn't know what was hitting them.  There has not been a snowfall with significant accumulation here in Savannah since 1989.  Eric is tossing around the idea of getting T-shirts made that say "I Survived the Blizzard of 2010."

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KeeperatHome said...

I personally blame the snow on all my jealous family and friends in the blizzarded (is that a word?) DC area who control the climate and the weather a la global warming... excuse me, "climate change".

I was shocked to see snow. Honestly, I think the snow was sent to humble me.:-)

In Christ, Talya