Wednesday, April 07, 2010

On Having Needles Stuck in my Neck

It wasn't really that bad.  They numbed my neck up with lidocaine and then took three fine-needle samples out of my thyroid nodule.  Now I have to wait until Friday at the earliest to find out what dear little Lumpy is doing in there.  So now we just play the waiting game....

On a "cool technology" note:  Candler Hospital just got some new ultrasonography machines on Monday.  The ultrasound technician, Denise, was having a blast using her new toy, which she said weighed 150 pounds LESS than the previous machine, which weighed 400 pounds.  They have to push these machines around the hospital sometimes, so the 150-pound weight loss is a blessing to the technicians.  I was teasing Denise that she was having just a bit too much fun looking at my potentially diseased thyroid.  She started to apologize and then realized I was joking.

Laughter is always good medicine.  Just look at Proverbs 15:13 and 15, and 17:2


ciao babe said...

Yes, laughter IS good medicine. I have always appreciated your sense of humor. It has helped me laugh more at myself and enjoy life more too.

Hey, I didn't see my comment for the sago palm, so maybe it didn't go through. I say you make the windows bigger :-)

Alice C. said...

Renata: Eric loves that sago palm. The rest of us....not so much. It needs to be trimmed because it has started reaching out and grabbing people as they come up our front walk.