Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Still Waiting..

I called the doctor's office yesterday to get my biopsy results, to be told that the doctor is not in the office until Wednesday.  The nurse with whom I spoke said that she is not authorized to give me any information, even though she had my chart and the results right in front of her.  Supremely frustrating.  We are not actually in control of our medical care no matter how much hospitals and doctors talk about "patients rights."  I guess we won't be finding out anything until tomorrow.


Lori said...

I have thoughts . . . but they are not very nice . . . so in order to be a good witness, I will pray about them and ask for forgiveness . . . and continue to pray for you as you wait. :-)

Alice C. said...

Lori: Ha! I needed a good laugh today. I'm about to call the ENT's office, and I will try to be Christ-like as I interact with them. I feel like I should be writing it on a chalkboard:
"I will be Christ-like"
"I will be Christ-like"
"I will be Christ-like"